The Workshop

Art and Authenticity

The Magic of Our Workshop

In the Cerámica Campos workshop, tradition comes to life in every hand-painted tile. Here, in an environment where authenticity reigns, our expert artisans employ the 'cuerda seca' technique to transform each ceramic piece into a unique work of art. This machinery-free space resonates with the meticulous craftsmanship and creativity that imbue our collection.

We invite our customers to witness this artistic process, where collaboration with designers and architects leads to customized creations. At Cerámica Campos, each tile is a reflection of our commitment to quality and artisanal history, keeping the essence of ceramic art alive.


In Gines, our workshop is a symphony of craftsmanship and design. Every space is designed for the creation of the highest-quality ceramics.

The magic of color comes to life in our laboratory, and the pieces come alive in our kilns, ensuring the excellence that defines us.


Comprised of highly skilled ceramic artisans who are passionate about their craft, they rigorously oversee every stage of the creative process.

They collaborate closely with our customers, involving them in the development of exclusive and customized designs that align with their unique visions.

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